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Ang Alamat ng Pilipinas

this is my second school required comics... we made this for our Philippine History subject as an assignment... too bad, the copy with colors and hyper callouts line was passed to our teacher... luckily, i have scanned this but only before jenny and roxy,my chemical engineering classmates [by the way, im the only nursing student in this class], placed eccentric colors in it.. hahaha! but it was really nice! (tanx gurls).. just imagine and try to figure out the whole lines of the story.. hehehe... oh, its about the creation of the philippines.. we were tasked to create legends on how our country came to be our country.. hehehe.. basically, its about it.. hope you like coz i was in such a rush when i was making this...

this isn't the last piece... unfortunately, i drew the last one before i had the chance to scan all of these... next would be a 3D replica of the map of the philippines.. then there's the credit we made with our cartoon faces in the group - me, roxanne joy, jenny, joey and jurney... hehehe... i'll
place the exact lines next time...


The Siraniks said...

wow galing naman, pwede na gumawa ng 1 book ng comics or episode... tsk tsk...

April Kwong said...

wow! the best ka pa prin nik! I love ur work... hope ma enhance mo pa ang digital art skills mo ... im proud of u!!!

--april k.

Fresh Pair PH said...

Nice. Astig!

Alamat said...

Wow! Ok ah!
Gawa po kayo ng Comics!

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